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Aztec IT is proud to now offer a live monitoring system. 24/7 365 days a year round the clock monitoring. Live alerts to the right engineer, with all the information we require to allow us to fix it fast. Often before you know that you have an issue - for just £1 per day

24/7 Round the Clock Monitoring

Aztec IT 24/7 Round-the-Clock Monitoring turns conventional IT support on its head. Rather than wait for you to notice that a system has failed, our 24/7 monitoring will alert us to problems at your sites.

Live Alerting

24/7 Round-the-Clock monitoring checks your critical systems every five or fifteen minutes at your option. Whenever it sniffs a problem, it sends an email or SMS alert showing the exact nature of the problem directly to us.

Just £1 per Day

We are committed to providing excellent support along with excellent value for money. Our AzMon support is just £1 per day. Is there really a reason not to?


What does it do?

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  • Annual Billing
    Save 10%!
  • Checks Periodically at 5 or 15 minute intervals
  • Check that your server is up and running
  • Check all PCs are online, up to date and secure
  • Check that you can connect to the internet
  • Check any or all of your Windows® Services
  • Check disk space to ensure it’s below a set threshold
  • Specific, informative alerts show us the exact nature of the problem. We can fix it faster
  • Problems are almost always highlighted to us before you even know you have one. Uptime is maximized.
  • Alerts for mission-critical systems can be set by SMS day or night
  • Weekly clean up of your PC
  • Monitor Event logs for any errors, fully customisable to your own applications

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